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South-German Potato Salad with Wieners

Germany is devided about potato salad, seriously! There is the “South German Potato Salad” (or Munich Potato Salad) with a vinaigrette and the “Berlin Potato Salad” with mayo – and most people like only one of both. Not so me. I love both versions. But if you live in the South of the US, you might want to do the “Berlin” version in the hot season, since it has not mayo and therefor no health risk. Continue reading

Dampfnudeln / Germknödel – Sweet Dumplings

Skiing in the Alpes comes with eating Germknödel aka Dampfnundeln! If you’ve been there up on the mountain for lunch, this food is what gives you all the energy back that the cold weather sucked out of your body. Even if you are not skiing but maybe shoveling snow or just trying to make it to the mail box, have in mind that you will always be able to reward yourself with Dampfnudeln! Continue reading

Semmelknödel – dumplings from rolls

Actually I hadn’t planned to introduce you to “Semmelknödel” (dumplings from rolls) before late September but my daughter kept begging for them despite the hot weather. Now, since a few days we are heaving thunderstorms and the grey clouds and rain gave me just the necessary German feeling that I needed to cook this meal. Continue reading

Rolled Beef – Rinder-Rouladen

Remembering my childhood this meal was something my mother cooked on a Sunday. The whole house would be filled with the scent of the meat and gravy. It doesn’t need a lot of attention while it is simmering on the stove, most of the work is done ahead of cooking. This gives you the opportunity to prepare some desert while the Rouladen are getting ready.

Continue reading

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