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Very Vanilla German Cheesecake – Vanille Käsekuchen

My Vanilla German Cheesecake is – hands down – the best! It’s light and fresh and so vanilla-tasting, you’ll think you are in heaven. Other than the famous New York Cheesecake, my version doesn’t have the salty taste and it is a lot less heavy, actually, It has a lot less fat and calories and is even healthy.

German Cheesecake

You might wonder “Why is that?” and the secret is that I don’t use cream cheese nor heavy whipping cream for my Vanilla Cheesecake. Instead, I am using Quark and more eggs.
Watch the video about how to easily make Quark! 

One could argue that the 7 eggs in my recipe are not really good for the cholesterol but first of all, it has been proven that eggs don’t really do harm to your cholesterol as previously thought. Second, since this cake has at least 8 slices, this would come down to less than one egg per person – I think that’s reasonable.

My secret German Cheesecake ingredients

Quark is not my only secret. The other secret is the vanilla taste. If you add a lot of vanilla extract, chances are that your dish is going to be a little bitter or tastes artificial. So there are two things I am doing to avoid that but still have a very, very good vanilla taste in my cheesecake:

  1. I use vanilla sugar instead of vanilla extract. Learn how to easily make Vanilla Sugar here!
  2. I add a package of instant vanilla pudding – the one for cooking!

Not using the salty cream cheese also contributes to the fact that I can use less sugar, so the vanilla taste is not covered by the sweetness of the sugar.

I have used a package of German Vanilla Pudding in here but I’ve also made German Cheesecake with the Jello-O version, it works just as good.

German Cheesecake ingredient

Want even fewer calories?

It is February and I still have some pounds from the Thanksgiving goose and the Christmas duck on my hips. I am working out as often as possible but there are only so few hours in a day … there is no way around it: I have to cut some carbs! That’s why I recently started baking the cheesecake without the crust – and it works perfectly. So if you are trying to avoid too man carbs but don’t want to quit on the good things in life, just skip the recipe part with the dough for the crust. Instead, grease your baking pan and pour the cheesecake dough in, directly. Bake as if it had a crust and enjoy with less guilt.


Do I have to use Quark?

Well, I highly recommend it. Besides the fact that the Quark has a lot less fat, it is incredibly healthy and has 14 g of protein for 100g of Quark. Greek yogurt has only 7g of protein/100g. But you will find people claiming that you could just use greek yogurt instead of the quark. Well, you could BUT: it will taste different and it will be very moist with fluid coming out of the cake. It will also mold faster. I can’t stress it enough: Quark is not yogurt, it is a fresh cheese where casein and whey are separated. But what you can do is, use half the amount needed in Quark and the other half needed you can use as Greek Yogurt – it’s a compromise that has worked for me, at times when I didn’t have enough Quark for a whole recipe.


One more thing …

I am actually a little embarrassed because I forgot to take a picture of the finished cake! This cake was a gift for a friend and I had a very stressful day, so at the end, I just headed out and delivered the cake without thinking of a photo. To solve the problem I had to buy a stock photo, but it really looks a lot like my cake. As soon as I bake another cheesecake I will make it up and take my own photo!

Very Vanilla German Cheesecake - Vanille Käsekuchen
Print Recipe
8-12 slices
8-12 slices
Very Vanilla German Cheesecake - Vanille Käsekuchen
Print Recipe
8-12 slices
8-12 slices
For the crust
For the cheesecake topping
Servings: slices
The Crust
  1. Mix flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and the soft butter in a bowl to create an even dough. Knead it on the table for a little bit.
  1. Ad the dough in a round, high baking pan and distribute it evenly to the bottom. You don't need to cover the sides but if you want to do it, that's ok, too.
    German Cheesecake
Cheesecake filling
  1. Mix the soft butter with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Use a mixer.
  2. Add 7 egg yolks - one after another.
  3. If you want to use some lemon cest, add it now.
  4. Stir everything very well.
  5. Add the Quark (fist 1/3, then mix, add another 1/3 and mix and add the last 1/3 and mix).
  6. When the Quark is evenly mixt into the filling, add the instant vanilla pudding and mix well.
  7. In a different bowl, mix the egg whites until they are very stiff.
  8. Add the egg whites to the filling and carefully stir them into it. Don't mix, just stir until it has become one fluffy mass.
  9. Add the filling to the baking pan.
  10. Take a large piece of aluminum foil and fold it in length. Wrap it around the baking pan - this lets the cake bake more evenly. Keep the aluminum foil for the next time!
  11. Bake for about 70 - 80 minutes - check your oven inbetween - at 350F.
  12. After turning off the heat, leave the cake in the oven for another 35 minutes, oven door slightly open.
  13. Take the cake out and let it cool at room temperature. The cheescake tastes warm but it is best if it has been in the fridge for 1-2 hours or over night.
Recipe Notes

I make my German Cheesecake a day ahead before I want to serve it.

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