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Popcorn – German Style

Imagine: You are at the zoo with your kids and your sweet tooth. You buy some cotton candy and stuff it in your mouth. It takes a few seconds until you realize: It tastes SALTY! You are surprised, shocked and almost want to spit it out because this is NOT what you expected. Got the idea? This is what happened to me when I bought my first popcorn at the Houston Zoo. 


Popcorn – German style

Salty popcorn – I would never had expected that!

I never even had the idea that popcorn could have any other taste than sugar. My whole life it was a sweet treat and now this surprise! It was completely unexpected.
I’m still not really over it.

Try FAT FREE, SWEET POPCORN like we have it in Germany – what do you think about it?
I wonder how this feels the other way: from salty to sweet.
Maybe surprise someone the same way I got surprised and then let me know what happened.
I mean: It’s like biting into a banana and it turns out to taste like a pickle. Kind of unexpected, huh?


Please don’t get the wrong impression: There is nothing wrong with salty popcorn. It’s just a matter of “what we are used to”.

How do you prefer your popcorn in the future, after trying my recipe? Is sweet popcorn as weird to you as salty popcorn is to me?
Please let me know, I really want to know!


Popcorn - German Style
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Servings Prep Time
1 portion 8 minutes
Cook Time
4-5 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 portion 8 minutes
Cook Time
4-5 minutes
Popcorn - German Style
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
1 portion 8 minutes
Cook Time
4-5 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 portion 8 minutes
Cook Time
4-5 minutes
Servings: portion
  1. Heat the water.
  2. Dissolve the sugar in the water.
  3. Put the corn in a microwave safe bowl.
    Microwave popcorn
  4. Add the sugar water until the corn is completely covered.
    fatfree popcorn
  5. Stir.
  6. Put a lid onto the bowl.
  7. Microwave on high for about 4 to 5 minutes or until popping sound becomes less frequent.
  8. Careful: HOT! Let stand for a couple of minutes before opening lid and before touching popcorn.
    sweet popcorn
  9. Warning: A regular plastic container will get too hot and change shape. Use only microwave bowl for this. I use this one: http://goo.gl/O5hYGC
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3 Responses to Popcorn – German Style

  • growing up in a hungarian household, for most of my childhood i’ve only known salty popcorn despite being in germany. i tasted the sweet sometimes in cinema but found it weird. it wasn’t until my college years that everything changed – since that, i am way into sweet popcorn and wouldnt eat salty again.

  • I’ve always eaten salty popcorn. I thought it was the only type! Until three days ago, when I bought a pack of sweet one. I wasn’t surprised like you, though. Having bought it in a package, I was able to see the “Sweet” sign on the pack before eating it :).
    It didn’t taste very good for me. I always associated popcorn with salt. I treated it as a kind of snack like salty sticks, peanuts, pretzels or crackers. In my opinion, those are great for eating when watching something because too much sweet makes me nauseous, and salt doesn’t.

    After some time, this sweet popcorn wasn’t too bad, by the way.
    Not better than that excellent salty popcorn :P, but I can understand how one may be a fan of it.

    PS I got that popcorn in a German supermarket. Who would’ve thought? 😀

    • Hi 5o1d13R,
      isn’t it funny how we seem to unwillingly kind of reject food that is not familiar to us? I am getting more and more used to salty popcorn but would always prefer the sweet version – I have a sweet tooth though. But also when we came to the US we didn’t like any of the sweets here and now, after more than 6 years I love Mike & Ike and some other sweets. I simply forgot the taste of German sweets and got used to how things taste here. The only thing I will probably never compromise is chocolate. My favorite brand is the German “Ritter”.

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