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Making Bread Spice for German Bread

When it comes to baking bread, I will often refer to “Bread Spice”. For a long time I didn’t use any bread spice but the bread never really tasted right. It was more tasting like the rim of a pizza or something like that. This can taste good, too, but I wanted the rich taste of German Bread and knew, something was missing.
Now, the ingredients of bread spice are not really my favorite spices so the more surprising it was to me, that they don’t take over the flavor of the bread but instead gave it what it what was missing the entire time.


When I first started to make my own German bread spice, I used less if the caraway seed, just to make sure it will not come out too strong. Also I was careful with using the spice in the dough. Little by little I started to use more, asking my family first what they think about adding more spice. You should probably start with a teaspoon and check back with your family how they like the taste and add more if they don’t know what you are talking about. For us it had turned out that 2 to 2.5 teaspoons on one bread is the minimum we need – depending on the loaf size. If the bread is more a side or supposed to be eaten with jam, that is what I use. If the bread is for sandwiches with ham etc. I use 3 or more teaspoons of the bread spice. Experiment with it!

Please do not mix up bread spice with bread dipping seasoning.

I happen to have some packages of bread spice in my pantry since my father in law and my daughter just brought them for me from Germany.
If you have friends or relatives in Germany let them send you a package in an envelope!
Looking for an other shortcut? GermanDeli.com has bread spices. Look for Kotanyi Hausbrot Gewuerz and Kotanyi Bauernbrot Gewuerzmischung.

Bortgewuerz / bread spice

Making Bread Spice for German Bread
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Making Bread Spice for German Bread
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  1. Add all spices to a mortar or coffee grinder and grind until you have a nicely ground bread spice.
    Bortgewuerz / bread spice
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