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South-German Potato Salad with Wieners

Germany is devided about potato salad, seriously! There is the “South German Potato Salad” (or Munich Potato Salad) with a vinaigrette and the “Berlin Potato Salad” with mayo – and most people like only one of both. Not so me. I love both versions. But if you live in the South of the US, you might want to do the “Berlin” version in the hot season, since it has not mayo and therefor no health risk. Continue reading

Fruchtiger Reis Salat – Juicy Rice Salad

Last year my friend Christine invited all her friends for her baby outing. She also asked her guests to bring a side while they would provide everything else.

I had to think for a while, not because I had no idea what to bring to a party, but because this family has all kinds of allergies: eggs, nuts, milk … the EpiPen is always on hand!

Finally I decided on a juicy Rice Salad – which would also be great if Continue reading

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