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Main Dishes

German Main Dishes are moste likely cooked for lunch. Since school ends at noon, the kids come home for lunch and stay at home moms will cook for them. However, in some families the kids eat at a day care and the husbands at work and the main dish will either be cooked for dinner or only on weekends.

Roasted Goose with Apricot Stuffing

Some of you might have followed my facebook “documentary” of my roasted goose cooking on Thanksgiving. As I already stated there, since we are only four people and turkey is not our favorite bird, we had decided to have a goose instead of a turkey for the holiday. It was also a “test run” for Christmas since I was considering having a goose for Christmas Eve, instead of two ducks.
Goose is a traditional Christmas meal in Germany, they are also a very common meal during November, because of St. Martins Day. Many traditional German restaurants – mostly on the countryside – offer “goose” or “Gänsebraten” during November. Busses with seniors are brought there for a feast meal – it’s a big business! Continue reading

South-German Potato Salad with Wieners

Germany is devided about potato salad, seriously! There is the “South German Potato Salad” (or Munich Potato Salad) with a vinaigrette and the “Berlin Potato Salad” with mayo – and most people like only one of both. Not so me. I love both versions. But if you live in the South of the US, you might want to do the “Berlin” version in the hot season, since it has not mayo and therefor no health risk. Continue reading

Dampfnudeln / Germknödel – Sweet Dumplings

Skiing in the Alpes comes with eating Germknödel aka Dampfnundeln! If you’ve been there up on the mountain for lunch, this food is what gives you all the energy back that the cold weather sucked out of your body. Even if you are not skiing but maybe shoveling snow or just trying to make it to the mail box, have in mind that you will always be able to reward yourself with Dampfnudeln! Continue reading

Lasagna – veggies included

“How do I get those vegetables into my kids?” Some parents mash them into pasta sauce, others bake a cake with zucchini and just give up. Since my kids – though picky eaters – are OK with most veggies, it’s usually not such a big deal in my family. But there are a few vegetables that even my kids would reject and that’s just too bad, because they have great health benefits – especially during winter. Continue reading

Pumpkin Mash – Kürbisbrei

I love the summer and when fall comes around the corner the only thing that cheers me up about it is the pumpkin season. But it’s not about any pumpkin, it’s about a very special one and in Germany we call it “Hokaido pumpkin” while here it seems to be called “Red Kuri“. This Red Kuri has a better taste than any other pumpkin and tends to be a little sweet with a slightly tart note … Continue reading

Quick Tortellini Dish

Some days it just has to got fast with cooking … well actually that applies to most of our days. This recipe is very quick and requires just a very few ingredients. We all love it so I usually have the necessary ingredients in the fridge. Tortellini are Italian food. When Italians started to move to Germany for a better life (that was about 40 years ago) many people were Continue reading

Spätzle / Käsespätzle

We got stuck on a mountain during a heavy  thunderstorm in the Alpes and gladly made it into a hut that was also a restaurant. We sat down … damp and a little clueless about how long this storm might take and how we could get back to our hotel in the valley. Meanwhile we ordered something to eat: Käsespätzle!
Never in my entire life I have seen my kids eat like crowd of vulture! They fought about every single bite, despite the fact Continue reading

Gulasch – Hungarian Stew

Originally “Gulasch” comes from Hungary. Well, Germany is in the middle of Europe, so we get all kinds of delicious recipes from our neighbors and their neighbors.
I can imagine that some younger Germans believe that Gulasch is traditionally German, since it is so common on our dinner table. Every family has their own alternation of the recipe, some cook it more spicy hot, others add vegetable or add more fluid and make it a “Gulasch Soup”Continue reading

Eating “Weißwurst” the right way

Weißwurst (notice the letter “ß”, called “eszet” and spoken with a sharp “s” sound) is a Bavarian sausage and there is quite a bit of weird traditions about it. If you don’t want to upset Bavarians, you better know how to eat it right … and when to eat it! Watch an learn … Continue reading

Frikadellen – Meat Balls

Let me tell you some interesting things about “Frikadellen” aka “Fleischklops”, “Fleischpflanzerl” or “Bulette” – it depends on the region how you call it! It’s the German version of meat balls. Continue reading

Semmelknödel – dumplings from rolls

Actually I hadn’t planned to introduce you to “Semmelknödel” (dumplings from rolls) before late September but my daughter kept begging for them despite the hot weather. Now, since a few days we are heaving thunderstorms and the grey clouds and rain gave me just the necessary German feeling that I needed to cook this meal. Continue reading

Schweinies – Piggies (German Pork Sandwich)

There is a restaurant in Hamburg, called “Schweinske“. It’s very popular and almost all of their dishes are with pork. Over the years they got so successful, that there is a Schweinske in almost every district of Hamburg and they have even expanded to other cities in Germany.
Many years ago my husband and I had a delicious “Schweinie” there, basicly a Pork-Coleslaw Sandwich and ever since we are making Schweinies at home.
Continue reading

Rolled Beef – Rinder-Rouladen

Remembering my childhood this meal was something my mother cooked on a Sunday. The whole house would be filled with the scent of the meat and gravy. It doesn’t need a lot of attention while it is simmering on the stove, most of the work is done ahead of cooking. This gives you the opportunity to prepare some desert while the Rouladen are getting ready.

Continue reading

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