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I love baking cakes! German cakes have a lot of taste and we don’t want to cover this with thick frostings. You will find a variety of fresh fruit cakes and chocolate cakes as like very simple and plain recipes. If you miss frosting – go for it, I won’t judge you.

Pflaumenkuchen – Plum Cake, Version 1

Every year end of August: I find sugar plums at the grocery and go bananas! I buy them all – no plum left behind!!! It’s the kind of thing I can’t really explain, it*s like my drawer full of empty pizza sauce glasses, something deep inside tells me: You need that! Continue reading

German Apple Cake – Apfelkuchen (1)

Cake and coffee is for Germans like Toast and Tea for the English. It is a kind of a meal in between lunch and dinner and some people take it very seriously to have this every day. But most people have coffee and cake only when friends are coming over. No matter how casual the visit is, there should always be a cake or at least cookies on the table if someone comes to your house. Continue reading

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