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Like all Germans I am obsessed with our bread and it is the one food every German misses the most when they live away frome home. German bakeries are the best in the world. Period.

German Bread: Pasching’s Farmer Bread

Like every German I am of cause obsessed with bread. And like every German who has moved to another country, this is what I miss the most when it comes to food. Baking a bread that tastes like German Bread is kind of the holy grail for expats and emigrants from my country and I am no exemption. I spent quit a bit of time with trying to bake a bread like from a German bakery. Continue reading

Making Bread Spice for German Bread

When it comes to baking bread, I will often refer to “Bread Spice”. For a long time I didn’t use any bread spice but the bread never really tasted right. It was more tasting like the rim of a pizza or something like that. This can taste good, too, but I wanted the rich taste of German Bread and knew, something was missing. Continue reading

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My name is Barbara, I am a mother of three and happily married to the most supportive husband anyone can imagine.
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