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About me

Welcome to my blog about German Recipes  and thank you for taking the time to read “about me”.

babs2015-2My name is Barbara, I am a mother of three and happily married to the most supportive husband in the world.
In 2010 we moved from Germany to Texas. We thought it would be only for three years but here we are: staying permanently.


Why do I spend so much time on cooking?

My husband works from home most of the time and our kids are enrolled in online school, so I am cooking fresh meals for the family of every day. We love burgers and pizza (preferred homemade) but if I ask my kids what they want me to cook, they almost always come up with German food.

I also love cooking for friends. Many of our friends (Germans and Americans) kept asking me for my recipes and I am totally willing to share. Sometimes it does need more than the ingredients and written instructions: pictures and videos would explain things a lot better. So, since I am cooking, making pictures and translating recipes anyway, why not sharing this with anyone?

I will try my best to explain everything as accurate as possible but there are two things you will really need if you want to cook my recipes: a scale with metric units and a measuring cup with metric units (in ml).
Metric measurements are the best way to make dishes taste original and work out as supposed. So please don’t mind me for not convert my recipes to the customary system, else I would be worried that converting mistakes happen and the recipes would fail. Nobody wants that, right?


Don’t let me fool you!

You might have noticed that I created the style of this blog kind of “Bavarian” with deer and red-white checked patterns … but don’t let me fool you: I am from Hamburg. Yes, I am a Hamburger, literaly! Hamburg is in the North of Germany, while Bavaria (Munich included) is in the very South.
I am born in Hamburg and I spent most of my life there but my father was from Bavaria and his grandparents from Austria. Between my 2nd and 5th birthday we lived close to Munich. This means that I am familiar with the kitchen of both regions and I love both! I hope I will find time to tell you a little more about the different regions of Germany, later.


What else do I do?

I am successfully running two online magazines in Germany. They are about parenting and kids birthday parties. I love my work and I am in this business since 2001. This blog is my first project in English and also my first project in the US. I hope it will be as successful as my other websites, though I might not always be able to spend as much time on it as I want.

However, I just love sharing what I know and learning new stuff to pass it on to others.


Have fun and enjoy your German meals!



4 Responses to About me

  • Happy 7 years of living in Texas! I stumble across your blog while expanding my recipe database. I look forward to reading your posts.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I haven’t had much time to add more recipes here in the last couple of months but hope to be able to change that soon. I have quite a lot of recipes to share!

  • Of German heritage on my mothers’ side of the family. Have always enjoyed cooking/baking but really began appreciating the finer arts of cooking while employed as a cook at the French restaurant/hotel L’Hotel Sofitel during my college years in Minnesota. Naturally after that stint I grew a particular affinity to the fine art of the French cuisine, but I wanted to expand my knowledge more. Years ago my mother had compiled a cookbook especially for me consisting of many of the German recipes she had both prepared & cherished through her life, & I was able to gather a multitude of other recipes from her old cookbooks upon her death last year. Looking forward to expanding that repertoire.

  • Welcome, and I am looking forward to enjoying your blog.

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